Tuesday, June 20, 2017


I am a Uni student. The last week has been crazy busy. I have been completing a practical component on one of the courses I am completing along with getting ready for two exams. The first exam I took a day off from my practical to get ready and then a second day for the actual exam.

Boy. I had not realised how much I had not been doing. It seems while I was distracted with the practical I had not done anything on any other courses. Gah! So a day of complete cramming to try and get new information into my head.

Problem. I dislike the course material and struggle to understand it at a normal pace, let alone at a cramming pace. I'm not going to lie. I cried a bit trying to make my brain understand what was happening and I was very worried going into the exam.

Result. I am so close to failing that course. I am hoping luck was on my side and I gain enough marks to scrape me over the line. I do NOT want to repeat that course!

The second exam, followed the first very quickly. I had also done so little in the last 3 weeks in particular and was very worried I would not be able to cram the information into my head. Luckily this particular course makes far more sense to me and I feel like it just flowed into my knowledge banks. I felt very comfortable in the exam and feel much more confident that I will get over the line and pass the course.

So I am in limbo a little bit for the next few weeks while the exams are marked and checked and double checked.

Cross your fingers for me. Send me positive vibes. I WILL pass both subjects. I really really must.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Cups of Tea

Following on from no new plastic, I have recently - in the last 2 months or so- changed from single use tea bags, to loose leaf tea in an infuser.

I was actually thinking about stopping tea bags and had looked at different options, but hadn't settled on anything. I went to the local farmers market, and low and behold, there was a tea stall there. With infusers. I went for stainless steel rather than silicon and picked a loose leaf tea to start with.

After getting used to using the infuser, I have found this switch relatively easy. I did take a couple of weeks or so to get used to the new tea, as I had been having the strongest tea I could find in tea bag form. And seeing my very light coloured tea rather than dark tea was a little off putting initially, however I am enjoying the flavour of the tea more now. As an added bonus, my plants are getting tea leaves as extra nutrients.

I also recently bought a glass thermos type thing from the same market stall, which has a strainer in the top. This lets me put loose leaf tea in the jar, pour in hot water and not worry about choking on tea leaves as I am drinking tea whilst out and about.

What have you switched lately?